The Milwaukee Road EP-2's or Bipolars comprised of 5 locomotives built by General Electric in 1919 for use on the roads Pacific Extension.

Bipolar oly hiawatha in puyallup valley 1953 fbt

History Edit

In 1919 only a year after the electrification of the Milwaukee Roads Pacific Extension they ordered 5 EP-2's from General Electric for use on the system. The name Bipolar comes from the engines use of bipolar electric motors. The engine had 12 motors giving them the look of a Baldwin Centipede. The locomotives rated for 70 mph performed well on passenger service carrying many of the roads name trains such as the Olympian Hiawatha.

In 1953 the 35 year old locomotives were sent to be rebuilt. E1-4 were sent to the roads work shop were workers unaccustomed to working on electrics did a horrible job. Afterwards the engines became prone ot electrical fires and were moved from the Coast portion to the Montana portion and continued to pull passenger trains. From 1958-1960 all but 2 were sent to the scrappers.

640px-MILW Bi-Polar drawing

Builders Blueprint

Survivors Edit

E2 currently resides on static display at the St. Louis Museum of Transportation as she would've looked just after her rebuild.

220px-E-2 Bi-polar

Trivia Edit

By the time of their retirement all 5 engines were painted in a Union Pacific inspired yellow and gray paint scheme

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