Moore, Keppel & Co., Inc. No. 8 is a three-truck Class B Climax locomotive that was built by the Climax Manufacturing Co. in 1919 for the Moore, Keppel & Co. as #6.

The locomotive was transferred to the Middle Fork Railroad in 1930 and was then sold to Robert L. Johnson, of Rossville, GA, in 1967 and it was renumbered #8.

It was later donated to Cass Scenic Railroad where it used to be stored for several years.

Today the locomotive is still at Cass Scenic Railroad but the locomotive is now under restoration to operating condition.


  • When the restoration of the locomotive is over it's going to renumbered and relettered as Cass Scenic Railroad No. 9.
  • The State of West Virginia bought the locomotive in 1970.
  • This Climax locomotive is one of only two Moore Keppel Climaxes to survive.
  • The locomotive was purchased by Cass Scenic Railroad from Robert L Johnson, of Rossville Georgia who acquired it from Moore-Kepple & Co., of Ellamore WV, where it was used on their subsidiary operation, the Middle Fork Railroad Co. as their #6.