No. 2708 on Static Display.

Nacionale de Mexico No. 2708 is an NR-1 class, 4-6-4 "Hudson" Type steam locomotive built by Alco in 1937 for The Ferrocarrils Nacionales de Mexico - or Mexican National Railways.

The NdeM used this locomotive for most of its modern passenger services.

It was also assigned to the Aguascalientes – Irapuato mixed trains 237 and 238 until replaced by diesels in 1963 when it was retired.

It is now a static display at the Plaza de las Tres Centurias - Railroader's Museum.


  • It is the only survivor of a class of 10 Hudsons (2700-2709), NdeM’s most modern passenger engines.
  • Carlos was originally going to but the basis of this engine but instead his basis is Nacionale de Mexico No. 903.
  • Back then the smokebox used to be black, but today it is silver.