New York Central No. 3001 is a class L-3a 4-8-2 steam locomotive that was built by Alco in 1940 for the New York Central railroad.

This locomotive was designed to haul passenger trains, including the 20th Century Limited for the New York Central. No. 3001 was often used to haul freight trains, due to many NYC Hudsons being occupied pulling passenger trains; in later years, diesel-electric locomotives hauled the passenger trains.

No. 3001 was finally retired from service on February 14, 1957. In 1984 No. 3001 was sitting in the Blue Island Train Yard while it was waiting to be donated. Today the locomotive is a static display at the National New York Central Railroad Museum in Elkhart, Indiana.


  • As diesels flooded the NYC, the No. 3001 and its sisters saw the end coming nearer and nearer.
  • In 1957, the locomotive was sold to the City of Dallas to replace the heavily-vandalised locomotive Texas and Pacific No. 638.
  • The locomotive once used to operate with Smoke Deflectors.

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