An example of a Nilgiri Mountain Railway X class locomotive

Nilgiri Mountain Railway X class are a class of metre gauge 0-8-2T rack and pinion compound locomotives working on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway in the Nilgiri Hills of southern India.

Engines of this class were first brought as replacements for the line's original Beyer-Peacock 2-4-0 engines whose traction power was too weak for the traffic.

The X class locos were bought in two batches from the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works, Winterthur, Switzerland.

The last of four oil fired steam engines of X Class 0-8-2T rack and pinion compound engine bearing road number X 37399 was rolled out on March 5, 2014 at the Central Workshop, Ponmalai, Tiruchirapalli. It is expected to join the fleet after trials on the rack railway.


The X class locomotives are examples of compound locomotives with two high-pressure and two low-pressure cylinders.

All cylinders are outside the locomotive's frames.

The two low-pressure cylinders drive the rack wheels. These cylinders are positioned above the two main high-pressure cylinders, which drive the main wheels.

One locomotive, No. 37395, was modified from being coal to oil-fired in 2002, another has been modified and the Railway is looking to retro-fit further locomotives to oil-firing.

Locomotive No. 37385 is the basis for Ashima from Thomas and Friends.


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