The locomotive dress up as The General for the film "The General" starring Buster Keaton.

Oregon Pacific No. 12 is a type of 4-4-0 "American Standard" steam locomotive that was built in 1886 by the Cooke Locomotive and Machine Works as No. 12 for the Oregon Pacific railroad.

It was built for hauling lumber trains on the Oregon Pacific railroad.

The locomotive was later purchased from the Corvallis & Eastern Railroad in 1902.

It was later used on the Oregon, Pacific and Eastern Railway and renumbered #3.

In 1926, The locomotive was featured in the silent comedy film "The General" starring Buster Keaton playing the role as The General locomotive.

After filming the movie the engine went back to work on the Oregon, Pacific and Eastern Railway but now this time it was renumbered #4 where it worked hauling log trains out of the Oregon Forests.

It operated for a few more years until it was scrapped in 1941 when the locomotive was retired from active service.


  • The locomotive was originally used from the Civil War era.
  • When the locomotive went back into service without time for a coat of paint it still wears its makeup of the tender which was lettered W&ARR.