Pennsylvania Railroad 4-6-2 K4s 3768 is one of 425 K4 series Pacifics used on its top passenger trains until the late 1950's. 3768 was built by the PRR in its own Altoona Works in 1920. Today, the locomotive is in pieces after a Torpedo to properly maintain it by its current owner, the Altoona Juniata Shops.

Streamlined Edit

3768 operated on the North East portion of the Pennsylvania Railroad, likely operating no further west than Chicago. It often powered the mainline "name trains," such as the Broadway Limited. It also operated occasionaly on the jointly owned Pennslyvania into Chicago City. The 3768 was equipped with the most modern fittings installed on the K4s, excluding poppet valves. It got the modern slat pilot, typical PRR smokebox cocnfiguration, and modern interchangeable tender. Its career ended in 1956, when diesels took over operation of passenger trains completely. It is estimated at earning approximately 2.5 million miles over its career. On June 8, 1938, PRR donated 3768 to the city of Altoona, and was later returned to brief Streamlined service in 1938.

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