The Progress Rail PR22B is a three genset locomotive. The PR22B has three CAT C-18 gensets, all three combined produce 2,235 hp. Not many PR22B's have been outshopped, all were built before 2012, and all PR22B's built are EPA Tier 2 compliant. The small fleet of Progress-owned locomotives have toured on RJ Corman in 2009, CSX in 2011, and NYS&W in 2013. As of January 1st,2014 no orders have been generated. 

Current PR22B FleetEdit


PRSX 2002- Currently at Progress Rail Patterson,GA

PRSX 2003- Never compleated; frame and single genset only.

PRSX 2005- Testing on NS

PRSX 2006- At Sugarland,TX

PRSX 2008- Dismantaled; at Progress Rail Patterson,GA

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