PRLX 3001 on NS. Photo by G. Gerard.

The Progress Rail PR30C is a 3,005 hp locomotive rebuilt by Progress Rail Services. It is the result of a conversion to an existing EMD SD type locomotive. This involves replacing the existing prime mover with an EPA Tier 2 compliant turbocharged CAT 3516. The prime mover is equipped with an additional exhaust treatment system, in a large box mounted at hood top level, in front of the radiator section.

5 SD40-2s have been rebuilt of which five have been completed and entered revenue freight service as of July 2010. The first units were introduced into service for the Union Pacific Railroad in California in January 2010. They were assigned to mainline freight operations in the southern part of the state between Long Beach and West Colton. The testing partinership between Progress and UP ended, resulting in no orders by UP. One PRLX PR30C was reconditioned and repainted, sent to Pacific Harbor Line. The unit is #40. In early 2013 BNSF purchased the other 4 PR30C and is using them in California. 

An additional PR30C operates as a demonstrator for Progress Rail.

This conversion alters the external appearance of the locomotive; in addition to the addition of the large exhaust treatment box, the radiator section is replaced.

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