The S Stock is a loconotive owned by transport for london, for use on the on the sub - surface lines of the London Underground. The current status os of useage is as follows:

Metropolitan line. _  S Stock (Replaces A Stock.)                                              

Circle line.  _ C Stock (due to replaced later this year)

Hammersmith & City line. _ S Stock (Replaces C Stock)

District Line. _ D Stock (due to be replaced in 2016)]


The S Stock was designed to cope with the increasing strain on the older sub - surface lines of the tube network.

Tube150 - S7 Stock at Moorgate

Unlike other trains, it has air conditining and articulated middles, meaning you can walk beetween carridges freely.


the S Stock, the newest  train on the network, shares its style with the 2009 Stock, both being part of bombardiers "Movia" family

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