A smokestack, funnel, or chimney, is a device used on steam locomotives to help release smoke

A smokestack or chimney.

exhaust from the smokebox. They are one of the most important parts, or devices, on such, and steam locomotives would literally explode because of having too much pressure if they didn't have them. They, however, polluted (and still commonly do) the air; hence, being one of the reasons which explains the End of the Steam Era.

Diesel locomotives use something similar, known as exhaust tubes or compressors to help release exhaust from the fuel which powers the actual engine.


Smokestacks come in various sizes as well as having different designs and features.
Balloonstack Smokestack

A "balloonstack" smokestack which was used on American Standard steam locomotives.

Factories are an example for how smokestacks are used, as well as early automobiles.

A Giesl Injector is a form of a smokestack, which is also an early form of being energy-efficient for trains and locomotives.