Southern 6910 is considered to be Southern 4501 sister engine as they both worked on the Kentucky & Tennessee Railroad in the 1940s - 1960s.


History Edit

Southern 6910 was built by Baldwin in May 1920 for the Kentucky and Tennessee Railway as their #10. #10 ran on the road for over 43 years before being retired from revenue service when the K&T bought 3 ALCo S-4s from the D&RGW to replace the steam locomotives in February 1964. In 1965, the locomotive was sold to the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum where it was painted into Southern Railroad colors and renumbered it 6910 and prepared it for a run Cleveland. Unfortunately on the day of the excursion the engine encountered mechanical issues due to leaking boiler tubes. The engine limped into Cleveland and was towed back to Chattanooga dead.

The museum placed the engine in cold storage beside their shop. Today the engine can be found missing several pieces behind US Army 610.

Restoration Edit

According to several sites the museum plans to rebuild #6910 to resemble NC&StL 2-8-2 #620. Whether these plans will be achieved is still uncertain.

Gallery Edit

6910 in the shops