Southern Pacific No. 2353 is a class T-31 4-6-0 steam locomotive built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in August 1912, for the Southern Pacific Railroad and designated as class T-31. After delivery, 2353 was assigned to pull the San Joaquin/Fresno-Los Angeles expresses.

It was delivered to Southern Pacific in October the same year and it had a new boiler in 1917. A 120-C-1 tender was attached to #2353 in 1921, in place of its old tender.

It was withdrawn from service on 18 January 1957 and displayed for the next 29 years at the California Mid-Winter Fairgrounds in Imperial, California.

In 1984, the Mid-Winter Fair's operator donated 2353 to the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum, with physical transfer of the locomotive occurring in the Summer of 1986, then over the next ten years, volunteers restored 2353 to working order, with its first public appearance under steam happening on 2 March, 1996. It was withdrawn from service again in 2001, with extensive boiler repairs required before it can run again.

Today it's still at the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum, though it is now on static display.


  • The locomotive was featured in "Clash By Night", the music video of their hit single "Jesse Hold On", "Pearl Harbor", and "Trainsongs".
  • 2353inTrainsongs

    2353 In "Trainsongs".

    When it was featured in "Trainsongs" it was under restoration while getting restored in 1994, and it played Tuffy's Great Uncle Stanley.
  • Efforts to cosmetically restore 2355 have been underway since at least 2008.
  • Southern Pacific 2353 has at least one surviving sibling: Number 2355, which has been on static display in Mesa, Arizona's Pioneer Park since 1958.