Southern Pacific Class A-3 4-4-2 -3025
Southern Pacific RR No. 3025 is a 4-4-2 "Atlantic" type steam locomotive built for the Southern Pacific Railway by Alco in 1904.

No. 3025 was used as a "crack" (fast) passenger-train engine, and with its massive driving wheels, was able to attain speeds up to 100 miles per hour.

In 1952 it was retired from active service.

It is now a static display at the Travel Town Museum.


No. 3025 is the only remaining "Atlantic" type for the Southern Pacific Railroad.

It still has its inside Stephenson link motion and was the first standard gauge locomotive to go on display at Travel Town in 1952 after being donated to the museum by the Southern Pacific.

It probably hauled several name passenger services in California, including the Daylight, the Starlight and the Lark.

The locomotive can pull 12 passenger cars at speeds of 100 miles per hour.

This locomotive looks almost similar to The original PRR No. 7002.

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