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The TGV PBKA is a high-speed EMU, and the only TGV to be built (between 1995 and 1998) specifically for the Thalys Paris,
Mechelen Thalys 4341 01

A TGV PBKA coming in to the Mechelen railway station.

France; Brussels, Belgium; Köln (English pronunciation: Cologne), Germany; and Amsterdam, The Netherlands (or PBKA) service of France's TGV network. The power-cars are technically similar to the TGV Duplex, but it doesn't have the bi-level carriages. The power-cars, of which there are two, are quad-current. Meaning they can switch from 25kV AC (France) to 15kV AC (Germany, Switzerland); 3kV DC (Belgium); 1.5kV DC (The Netherlands, and the rest of the French High-speed Network). The trainset is 656 ft (200m) long, and weighs 385 tonnes. Seating capacity is 377. Seventeen trainsets have been made. The service has been limited to 186 mph (300 km/h) in France.



    Two Thalys operated TGVs. The TGV-PBA (background) is the same as the TGV-R, the TGV in the foreground is a TGV-PBKA.