SNCF TGV-R 526 at Paris Gare du Nord

The rear power-car of a TGV-R at Paris.
Photo: Phil Scott.

800px-Gare du Nord gCRW 1403

The TGV PBA (foreground) is the same as a TGV-R. There is a TGV PBKA in the background.

The TGV Réseau (or TGV-R) is a high-speed EMU built by Alstom between 1992 and 1994, for the SNCF. They are based on the TGV Atlantique, and are the third-generation of TGVs. Fifty have been made as bi-current sets, and forty have been made as tri-current sets. The TGV Réseau is pressurized so it doen't produced nasty pressure changes when entering tunnels at high speeds on the electric mainlines in France.


The TGV Réseau Series is atuallly modified from the original TGV trainsets; the TGV Sud-Est.

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