The DLR is a light railway system in the East and Central districts of London, and it does not operate a franchise, it runs on a consession agreement.

The system is very wide-reaching, serving the area around the London Docklands, and it is noted to radiate out from the station of Poplar, and it has several links to the London Underground and the London Overground systems, and it also has a link to the Emerates Air Line, at Royal Victoria. 
2000px-DLR roundel.svg

It was developed in the 1960s, by Transport for London, as part of the docklands re-development program, and it was then expanded again for the second Major time during the London 2012 Summer 0lympic Games.


  • The DLR is, included with the rest of the London Metro, the biggest suburban railway in the world.

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