Transwa WDA/WDB/WDC Class
Four car Prospector to Kalgoorlie

Years built



United Gonian, Broadmeadow, NSW

Number Produced


Years in Operation

2004-present day

Fleet Numbers

WDA001-WDA003. WDB011-WDB013. WDC021. WEA031. WEB041


AAR classification

Number Operational


Number Preserved


Number Scrapped


l x w x h)

locomotive dimensions


4 ft 8 1/2 in (1,435 mm)

V - E - T - D

The Transwa Prospector is a diesel multiple unit used in Western Australia on the Eastern Goldfields Railway in Western Australia for regional passenger services that came into service in 2004

History Edit

In December 2000, Westrail made a contract with United Gonain in Broadmeadow, NSW to build 9 new railcars to replace the aging 1971 built WCA/WCE railcars. Like the railcars they replaced, they were put on the standard gauge AvonLink trains to Northam and on the Propsector train to Kalgoorlie, improving transit times between Perth and Kalgoorlie by two hours

The AvonLink being a pseudo-commuter route to the Avon Valley and the Wheatbelt going between Perth and Northam several times a day and the Kalgoorlie being a long distance luxury service with one return a day

Preservation Edit

All are in regular service

Specifications Edit

The engines have a top speed of 200 km/h (124 mph), however track conditions (pathing of large numbers of freight trains, level crossings) they are limited in regular service to 168 km/h (104 mph) [stats for weight and axle load needed]

The engine's prime movers are Cummins. The cars consist of a WDA driving car, a WDB driving car without a buffet and a WDC motorised non driving car

Trivia Edit

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