Union Pacific No. 4466 is a class S-6 0-6-0 steam locomotive. It was built in 1920 by the Lima locomotive works for the Union Pacific railroad to perform switching chores and transfer runs.  

The locomotive spent most of it's career in Cheyenne, Wyoming as a shop switcher - or shop goat - and was the UP Cheyenne Shop's last to do this job.

It was also occasionally used to haul small passenger and freight transfer runs and switching freight cars for the Union Pacific railroad. Even when UP ended steam operations in 1959, the little 0-6-0 and some of it's siblings were still used around the railroad yard switching freight cars. They were officially retired in 1962.

After working in Cheyenne, #4466 transferred to Grand Island, Nebraska where it remained until 1973.

In 1978, it was donated to the California state railroad museum, and in 1984, it was restored to service and it also pulled the museum excursions.

Today it is still at the California State Railroad Museum, but the engine is now a static display. The Niles Canyon Railroad bought the 4466 for restoration back to working order and is currently being prepared to be shipped by truck.


In 1986, 4466 ventured to Vancouver, British Columbia to take part in Steam Expo '86.

The engine used to take part at the Sacramento rail fair 91.

In 1999, new California emissions regulations banned the operation of coal-fired steam locomotives, which caused the 4466 to be put on indefinite static display.

In 2013, the locomotive was also sitting on display at CSRM during the UP's 150th Anniversary Celebrations at Sacramento.

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