Victorian Railways NA Class
IGP 1002 7A at Cockatoo
NA class locomotive "7A" at Cockatoo in the Australian state of Victoria.

Years built



Baldwin (A1–2); Victorian Railways (A3–17)
Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia, Penna., USA (1A–2);
Newport Works, Melbourne, Vic., Australia (3A–17).

Number Produced


Years in Operation


Fleet Numbers




Number Preserved

5 operational (No. 6, 7, 8, 12 and 14); 1 stored (No. 3A)

Number Scrapped


l x w x h)

30 ft 10 in (9.3 m)
10 ft 10 in (3.3 m)



V - E - T - D

The NA Class 2-6-2T steam locomotive is a narrow gauge locomotive that ran on the narrow gauge railway lines in Victoria, Australia. The locomotives name started out as the 'A' Class, this soon was confused with the broad gauge A, AA and the A2 Class locomotives. So a letter 'N' was added to the name, since the loco was often referred to as the "Narrow-gauge A" anyway.


The first two locomotives were built, in 1898, by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The next fifteen were built by Victorian Railways at their Newport Works, Melbourne. The first locos were used in the construction of the four narrow gauge railways that were built in the early 1900s. The NA class made up most of the fleet for narrow gauge rail in Victoria.


The preserved locomotives, except 3A which is currently stored, are still in operation on the Puffing Billy Railway.


NA class locomotive "3A" is currently stored, and is the oldest NA class locomotive on the Puffing Billy Railway.


NA Class locomotive "6A" gets a quick clean/oil by the engineers.


The boiler has a maximum pressure of 180 psi and the locomotive produces 12,168 lbf of tractive effort. The driving wheels are 36 inches (914 mm) in diameter.


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