Victorian Railways Y Class
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Y 112 as preserved

Years built



Litson and Co., Phoenix Foundry

Number Produced

Years in Operation


Fleet Numbers




Number Preserved


Number Scrapped


l x w x h)



5 ft 3 in (1,600 mm)

V - E - T - D

The Y Class is an 0-6-0 steam locomotive that ran on the Victorian Railways of Australia in regular service from 1885 to 1926 and had the final examples withdrawn from lesser duties in 1963


The Y Class was a class based off a VR standard 0-6-0 goods engine (standard at the time, in any case) that was built in England by Kitson and Co. and later examples by Phoenix Foundry at Ballarat and were considered large locomotives for their time, being the largest 0-6-0's in Australia

They spent their working lives on suburban frieght duties, although were later on relegated to shunting duties when rendered obsolete by larger, more powerful and modern locomotive designs in the 1920's


Only 3 Y Class locomotives survive in preservation

Y 108 is preserved at the ARHS Museum at North Williamstown

Y 109 was sold to an industrial line and converted to a diesel mechanical engine, several parts were donated to WCR to restore Y 112, currently remains derelict with it's diesel engine removied (confirmation?)

Y 112 was originally plinthed at Ballarat, but was attained for restoration by Steamrail Ballarat, although due to the poor condition of the wheels and several other parts was left as a pile of dissassembled parts. It was later picked back up on and restored to operational condition by West Coast Railway. Is currently preserved and operated by Steamrail Victoria, although is owned by the Council of Ballarat and housed at Ballarat East


The class weighs 74 tonnes. The locomotive has 2 cylinders, with a 18 inch (457 mm) bore and a 26 inch (660 mm) stroke. The boiler has a maximum pressure level of 175 psi and the engine itself can produce a tractive effort of 21,840 lbf. The firebox possesses a grate area of 17.8 square feet (1.7 m^2) The driving wheels are 54 inches (1.37 m) in diameter.

The coal burner tender can carry 5.1 tonnes of coal, and 2,200 imperial gallons (8,380 litres) of water.


  • Y 112 is the only 19th century design in operational condition in Victoria and as such is the oldest working steam locomotive in Victoria
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