Virginia & Truckee RR No. 12 "Genoa" is a type 4-4-0 "American Standard" steam locomotive that was built by the M. Baird & Co. in 1873 for the Virginia and Truckee Railroad and named "Genoa".

The Genoa was the second V&T passenger locomotive although it does pulled mixed and occasionally freight trains.

For twenty-eight years, #12 hauled mainly passenger trains on the Virginia and Truckee Railroad, but it also hauled freight trains, between Carson City, Virginia City and Reno, NV, on the V&T.

The locomotive was retired in 1908 and it went into storage in the Carson City shops.

In 1938, #12 was sold to Eastern Railroads in New York and, in 1940, presented to the Pacific Coast Chapter of the RLHS and shipped to the Western Pacific Roundhouse in Oakland, CA.

Today the engine is on static display at the California State Railroad Museum restored to her 1902 appearance. Reportedly, she is in a good enough condition to be able to operate.


  • It was restored to look like Central Pacific’s #60 “Jupiter” for the 1939-40 New York World Fair and, in 1969, also appeared as “Jupiter” at the Golden Spike Centennial at Promontory, UT.
  • The engine went to the 1948 Chicago's Railroad fair in 1948 where it was once again appeared as the "Jupiter".
  • That year, it was donated to the State of Nevada and loaned to the museum. After its last wood-fired operation under steam in May 1979, #12 was restored to its 1902 appearance.
  • The Genoa was the regular power on the new Minden Branch line between 1906-1907.
  • The engine was to be named "Wm Sharon" however it was changed before it was deliver.
  • In 1955 she used to ran a fan trip on the Stockton Terminal & Eastern Railroad.
  • In 1957 the Genoa made a trip to San Francisco.