Walt Disney World Railroad No. 3 is a "Ten-Wheeler" type a 4-6-0 steam locomotive built by the Baldwin locomotive works in 1925 for the United Railways of Yucatan as Number 275.

The locomotive was used for passenger and freight service on the United Railways of Yucatan.

The engine was later renumbered as No. 3.

The locomotive was retired from service in 1969 and it was donated to Walt Disney World where it was put in operation.

As of today the locomotive is operational at Walt Disney World.


  • When operate at Walt Disney World it was lettered as Walt Disney World Railroad and it was named after an American mechanical engineer who worked with Walt Disney "Roger E. Broggie".
  • Both No. 1 and No. 3 are both operating 4-6-0 from the United Railways of Yucatan, and the Walt Disney World Railroad.
  • Imagineer Roger Broggie dislike the sound of this locomotive's bell before it was named after. He said that it sounded like a hammer hitting an old frying pan. So, George Britton swapped the Roger E. Broggie locomotive and Liberty Belle riverboat's bells. The No. 3 locomotive ended up having the clearest-ringing bell, whilst the riverboat ended up with the awful-ringing bell.
  • The locomotive's whistle is a Buckeye 3 inch 3-chime, though it was swapped out for a Crosby 3 inch 3-chime in January 2014.