West Side Lumber Co. No. 14 is a Shay - 3 truck it was built in 1916 by the Lima Locomotive Works for the West Side Lumber Company as #10.

In 1937, Sierra Nevada Wood & Lumber went bankrupt and their equipment, including #10, was sold to the scrap dealer Hyman-Michaels in Chicago, IL. Two years later, the locomotive was sold to West Side Lumber in Tuolumne, CA, and renumbered #14.

It was sold to Hal Wilmunder and became Camino, Cable & Northern #4 at Camino, CA, in 1965. It then went to the Colorado Narrow Gauge Railroad as #14 in Central City, CO, in 1974, and finally moved to Silver Plume, CO, to become Georgetown Loop #14 in 1981.

In 2004, following an impasse with the Colorado Historical Society, which owns the land on which the Georgetown Loop operates, the railroad announced it would cease operations.

It planned to move to the Royal Gorge Route in Cannon City, CO, building a third rail so both narrow and standard gauge trains could run. Fortunately, the problems were ironed out and the Loop still operates although, in late 2004,

Today the locomotive is now at the Colorado Railroad Museum where it is only put in storage.

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